About us

The Research group

This research group was formed in 2003 and consists of a small number of people who have attended the University for Adults in Lugo for many years.

Above all, the group is interested in uncovering minor events which happened in Romagna during World War II. These were daily occurrences in which allied soldiers came into contact with civilians, in particular women and children. These soldiers were young men far from their home countries, homes, families and friends and often they were looking for a little human warmth and help from the Italian families. The group has met some of these Eighth Army Veterans, as well as local people who met and got to know them back in 1944-45.

We have helped and accompanied the Veterans and their families to visit the battlefields and the War Cemeteries where their dear ones, or Army friends or fellow-countrymen are buried.

We are always pleased to meet people who were involved in the war effort, and we feel deep gratitude to them for their contribution to the liberation of our land. We are, therefore available in our free time, to take parties or individuals to visit one or more of the War Cemeteries located in our area and to other places which are particularly significant for them.

The group has made the following DVDs: Wartime Friends (2004), Riding on Memories (2005), Riding on Stan’s Memories (2006) and the catalogue “In Sunny Italy” (2009).